Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Restoration Update

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“How much we love you. How much love you,” Edward smiled crookedly, picking her up. She squeaked, wrapping her arms around his neck. He carried her to the counter of the kitchen. Garrett followed them, sliding behind Bella and moving her hair from her neck, kissing her soft skin. Edward stared at her as Garrett nipped and bit at her long neck.

Edward stared at her as Garrett nipped and bit at her long neck. Moving forward, Edward brushed his lips with hers, tracing her pink, needy lips. She whimpered, her legs widening to accommodate Edward’s body to fit between her thighs. Her fingers tangled into his messy, bronzed locks, tugging almost painfully on the strands. His hands glided down her arms and pulled her body closer to his. She was sandwiched between Edward and Garrett, lost in the heat of their bodies. Her skirt of her pink dress was inched up, further up her svelte, lithe body by Edward’s wandering fingers. “I fucking missed kissing you, love. Touching you,” Edward whispered against her mouth, his hands pushing her skirt up further. “Loving you. Please, can I show you how much I love you? How much I need you? Desire you? Adore you?”

“Please,” she breathed, crushing her mouth against Edward’s. She was intoxicated by Edward’s kisses, Garrett’s biting nibbles and her desire to feel both of them one last time. She wanted them both, but needed Edward more. His willingness to forgive her made her heart soar and she knew she’d show him how much she loved, adored and revered him at some point, later in the weekend. But, for now? She’d gladly take his affection, his desire, his adoration and his love.

Edward smiled against her mouth, lifting her up and easing her skirt over her hips. Her hot pink thong panties were now fully on display. Edward’s hands moved slowly up and down her thighs, massaging her legs. “Hmmm, are you wet for me?” Edward asked, his voice deep and husky.

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