Sunday, January 24, 2016

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After Bella’s declaration, Edward noticed that Garrett was dressed fairly nicely. He felt like a schlub in his work clothes, a pair of dusty jeans and a ratty t-shirt. Garrett noticed his discomfort and led him to one of the refinished bathrooms. Garrett had brought some dress clothes from Edward’s closet along with his body wash, shampoo, cologne and hair goop. Garrett never used hair goop. He just kept it fairly short to avoid using the hair goop.

Edward showered, scouring his body and taking the extra time to shave. He dressed in the clothes that Garrett brought for him. Shockingly, Garrett did fairly well in his choices. A pair of black dress pants with a white shirt, black skinny tie and one of his vests. Garrett teased him because of his vests, but Edward liked them. They accented his lean, muscular frame and gave him a place to hang his grandfather’s pocket watch that he received when he had died when Edward was in high school. It was one of his most prized possessions.

Finishing getting dressed, Edward went out into the main area of the condo. The sleek dining room table had been set and dinner, catered from Pink Door, had been laid out on the table, along with an elegant, but sexy table setting. Garrett had some music playing through the sound system they’d installed and Bella was dancing unconsciously, her sexy body swaying to the music. Edward walked over to her, spinning her to his body and leading her in a simple, but seductive dance. She laughed, following his lead, rolling her hips along with his in the sensual dance. Garrett joined them, standing behind Bella. His arms wrapped around her waist as he pulled her ass to his crotch. Slowly, he kissed her neck, tasting her warm skin.

However, Garrett would not kiss Bella on the mouth. That was for Edward and Edward alone. It was one of the things that Bella and Garrett discussed while Edward was washing up. Bella loved Garrett’s kisses, but she wanted to ensure that Edward knew that she was going to be with him forever. Yes, they shared a closer bond with obviously being in love with each other and the trust of having anal sex, but Edward would get all of Bella’s kisses.

And after tonight, Garrett would be relegated to the friend-zone. Garrett was okay with that. He recognized the attraction between Edward and Bella. He knew it was something incredibly special and he would not do anything to get in the way.

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