Friday, January 22, 2016

Buying Love Update

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About ten minutes after Edward left, Carlisle and Emmett McCarty arrived at my father’s home. I was pacing anxiously, afraid for Edward and sick to my stomach at what I was sending him back to. I should have forced him to stay. He needed my help. My love! He had lost so much weight and looked almost fragile. Even when he held me, there was very little strength behind it. Carlisle and Emmett sat down on the couch while Rose got some coffee for us.

“Thank you for coming, Carlisle,” I said, hugging my legs. “You, as well, Detective McCarty.”

“Please, call me Emmett,” he replied, smirking jovially. “I appreciate the information you provided for us on Esme Platt. We haven’t been able to get any leads. Several police officers are on the take from Esme. It’s how she gets new recruits. Men and women who are arrested for solicitation or prostitution are essentially sold to her, but there’s never a trail. She’s just that good.”

“We need to bring her down, Emmett,” I growled. “You’ve read the narrative from Jasper Whitlock, correct? What he went through was sickening and the fact that Edward could living through the same ordeal …?”

“I have. With that information, we’ve placed a tap on her phones, both in her office and at home. We’re working on trying to get a tap on her personal cell phone, but there’s not enough evidence,” Emmett explained. 

Detective Emmett McCarty

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