Sunday, January 17, 2016

Restoration Update

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“We’re almost done with the restoration, Esme,” Garrett said. “I can’t believe how quickly we got this done.”

“We have the right impetus to get it done,” Essie smirked, waggling her brows. Garrett chuckled. “The furniture will be delivered tomorrow and that way, you’ll have the whole weekend to reunite with Bella. I’ve spoken with her and she hates deceiving Edward, but figured it would be the only way to make it work. They’ve been texting back and forth, but he’s hesitant to meet her and Bella is afraid that he’ll reject her.”

“Pfft,” Garrett snorted. “Once he sees her, he’ll crumble. He’ll swoop her into his arms and kiss her stupid. The fact that they’re talking says a lot. Okay, texting. Your conversation with him a couple of weeks ago really helped him understand what she was dealing with. And her conversation with Marcus helped her stop thinking so much. She’s following her heart. Speaking of Marcus, how’s that little girl you’re fostering?”

“She’s amazing. So sweet,” Essie smiled. “It’s so sad that she has to stay with us since her mom is an epic bitch.”


“So, long story short, Nessie is the only child of this couple that is in the middle of this horrific custody battle. Nessie wanted to live with her Dad. Nessie’s mom said she’d rather drink hydrochloric acid than let her daughter stay with him. Nessie doesn’t feel safe with Mom since Mom’s boyfriend is a perv. Anyway, Bella came up with an alternative that both parties were agreeable to. Nessie is staying with us until the judge could make a decision about custody since mediation did not work. Hopefully by summer, Nessie will be back with her family, her dad. He wants full custody and for his ex-wife to have minimal supervised visitations,” Essie explained. “Marcus and Bella are working on finding Mom and boyfriend in the act of doing something stupid to make it happen. Their private detectives have been trailing them since the mediation.”

Jacob Black

Nessie Black

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