Monday, January 18, 2016

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Rose had backed out of the room and it was just me and Bella. Seeing her, it made my dead heart sputter back to life, but I was never going to see her again after today. Esme threatened my mother that if I saw Bella, regardless of the cost to her company, my mom would pay the ultimate price. I couldn’t let that happen.

That didn’t even come close to the physical, bodily harm she threatened to me. Even worse than what I’m feeling now. Death was preferable to what I was enduring. I just wasn’t brave enough to end it all. I couldn’t leave my mother in the clutches of Esme and as much as it pained me, I couldn’t let go of Bella.

My body was aching and sore. I was swimming in my clothes. My stomach was snarling from the lack of food. I hadn’t had a proper meal since my time in Napa. Esme was withholding food from me if called out in pain during my nightly round of torture. I was a broken man and I couldn’t let Bella see me like this. I had to break her heart and ultimately shatter mine so I could save my mother. She stared at me, her eyes swirling with anger, determination and something else. With great difficulty, I stood as tall as I could, feeling every bit of pain that Esme and Felix inflicted on me and glared at her. “You know nothing,” I snarled. “You couldn’t even fathom what I have to fucking deal with, Ms. Swan. I let my heart get involved and I was weak.”

“Like you are now?” she sneered. “I see what she’s done to you! What she’s doing to your mother!”

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