Sunday, January 3, 2016

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“Bella, I’m going to lunch and I was wondering if you would join me?” Marcus asked, leaning against the doorjamb of her office. “I’ve got a case that may need your tender loving care.”

“Sure, Marcus,” Bella said, saving her work on her laptop. She locked it and grabbed her coat, following her boss out to his sleek, black Jaguar.

She’d been back at her job for two weeks. Her body was still sore and in pain from the heartbreak she’d caused, but the distraction of work made it easier to forget, even if it was only during the day. At home, Bella drank heavily and cried herself to sleep at night. Seeing the house and the renovations that they did reminded her daily of how much they cared for her. On top of that, they still did nice things for her. Even though she’d been cold to them when they texted her, Edward and Garrett had taken down her Christmas decorations, leaving her a sweet little love note on the kitchen counter. She found that once she returned from New York, sending her into a tailspin of emotions. It made going over to the Banner’s home to end their relationship that much harder. Then, once she got back from Essie’s, she found another note in the lockbox in the garage along with her keys from Garrett.

We’re not giving up. I’m not giving up. What we had was too special … If you ever need either of us. Please call. We’ll always be there for you.
All my love,

Thankfully, Essie was with her when she found that and kept her from doing something rash, like hurt herself or put her house on the market and moving to Antarctica with the penguins.

So, Bella was numb during the day and drunk at night, drowning her sorrows in scotch and other hard liquors. Anything to help her forget the safety and protection she received from Edward and Garrett. 


Marcus's Jaguar

Bella's outfit

Il Terrazzo Carmine


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