Friday, January 1, 2016

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“Bells, you’ve got to get out of bed,” Rose said, leaning on her side. She was running her fingers through my stringy, greasy hair. After Edward lost his temper with me, I did a little sleuthing and found out that the person staying in the nursing home was his mother. However, since I wasn’t a blood relative, I was not allowed admittance to that shit box of a nursing facility. My heart broke into a million pieces seeing the nursing home where he was storing his mother and hearing Edward’s cold, chilling voice when he went off on me.

That was a week ago.

I tried calling Esme to get ahold of Edward to apologize for following him, but then I’d get really pissed off because he was an asshole, yelling at me like I was a piece of shit. I’d hang up before the call ever connected. I was pissed off at Edward’s behavior and hurt that we had finally crossed that bridge of making love, only to have him push me away. I thought I had finally got him to open up.

Apparently, that wasn’t the case.

I’d been sulking ever since. 

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