Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Restoration Update

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“I think that this will be all finished by the beginning of next week, Mrs. Banner,” Edward said, looking at the renovations. “We’re just putting the finishing touches and fine tuning all of the new appliances.”

“I’ll be so happy once I’m able to use my new and improved kitchen,” Mrs. Banner beamed. “Eating out all of the time is too expensive and not good for Mr. Banner’s cholesterol.”

“Or you waistline!” Mr. Banner grumbled from the basement.

Mrs. Banner flipped him off, but he couldn’t see it. “A crew will be here tomorrow?”

“Seth, one of our project managers, will be here with a paint crew. They should be done by early afternoon. When we come back on Monday, all we’ll need to do is finish the backsplash, install the appliances and set up your new furnishings,” Edward said, his mouth quirking up into a crooked grin. “Now, it’s been a long week and I’m going to go home and veg out.”

“No special lady?” Mrs. Banner asked, giving Edward a little grin.

“It’s complicated,” Edward said, wrinkling his nose. “Seth will be here at ten. Happy Valentine’s Day.” He slid on his coat and walked out to his truck. As he was settling in the driver’s seat, his phone chirped. “What now? All I want to do is go home.” He picked up his phone and saw a 911 text from Garrett.

There’s some sort of flooding issue at the Seaview Condo. The property manager called me since Esme is out of town. Come quick! ~ G

Do you know how much flooding? ~ E

I’m not sure. I’m driving there now. Will be there in 10 ~ G

On my way. I’m just leaving the Banner’s now ~ E

See you soon ~ G

Seaview Condo


Seaview Condo After

Bella's Outfit

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