Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Under Construction Update

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The next morning, Bella was woken up by to handsome men kissing her skin. Her negligee had disappeared at some point during the night. She was now naked, squirming with need. Edward had wrapped his lips around her nipple while Garrett slid his hand between her legs. “Fuck,” she sighed. “What a way to wake up!”

“We both want you,” Garrett growled against her ear. “Do you want us?”

“Yes,” she replied, kissing Garrett hungrily. He smiled as she ran her fingers down his torso. Edward was kissing her neck and pressing his hardness against her ass. “I want both of you inside me.” Edward trailed his fingers down her back and circled the rosette of her ass. She bucked against him. Garrett moved his fingers between her legs and circled her clit. “You both know how to touch me to make ignite in flames.”

“We just love seeing you squirm,” Edward said, dipping his finger into her pussy to gather some of her abundant arousal. He removed it and pushed two fingers into her ass. Bella groaned, spreading her ass so he could have easier access. Garrett slid two fingers into her pussy, curling them inside. “We’re both inside of you, Bella. Do you want more?”

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