Sunday, December 6, 2015

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Bella licked her lips, standing up and guiding them into her bedroom. Edward slid behind her, moving her curled hair over her shoulder and kissed her neck. Garrett ran his hands up and down her bare arms before he went to remove her silk wrap dress. It opened easily, revealing the sexy, racy lingerie underneath. “Fuck, pretty girl.”

“You like?” she asked, rolling her body enticingly. “I’m also a part of your present.”

“Like is putting it mildly, Bella,” Edward purred against her ear. He pulled her dress off her body to reveal a lacy red and black panty set with garters and thigh highs. Her breasts were spilling out of her bra, just the barest hint of her nipples peeking through. Her panties were lacy and skimpy.

“Feel between my legs,” she said, taking Garrett’s hand. He expected to feel soaked satin, but instead he felt her soaking skin. She gasped when his fingers came in contact with her pussy. “Fuck, my hands feel nothing like yours.”

“You got yourself off, pretty girl?” Garrett groaned. “Without us?”

“I got lonely and horny,” she said, moving away from Edward and closer to Garrett. She rocked against his hand that was still toying with her pussy. “I had to do something.

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