Friday, December 4, 2015

Buying Love Update

“Edward, can you zip me up?” I asked, holding my dress to my body.

“I’d rather unzip you,” he snickered, pulling the zipper up the rest of the way. “Showering with you has me salivating for you, bellisima.

“Seeing you without clothing is as equally tempting, but I’m partial to the cuddling at night,” I smiled, turning around and kissing him sweetly. “And naked cuddling is even better!”

“I love touching your skin. It’s so smooth and soft,” Edward purred, his fingers trailing down my arms. “Do we have to go? I’d rather spend the night with you.”

“Hmmmm, tempting,” I said, shuddering as his palms moved from my arms down to my waist. He held me close to his body, smiling carnally. What I wouldn’t give to just lose myself in him. It truly tempting. “Unfortunately, Jacob and Seth are expecting us.” He dipped his head, brushing his lips with mine. A sharp bang on our closed door broke us apart.

“Stop fucking each other,” Rose snickered from behind the door. “We’ve got to go. I have to find me some hot man-meat.”

I grumbled, extricating myself from Edward’s embrace. I wrenched open the door, scowling at my best friend. “We were having a moment, Rosalie.”

“You’re fully dressed. How can you be having a moment?” she teased. 

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