Sunday, December 27, 2015

Restoration Update

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Essie loved Bella. She was her best friend, confidante and sister. It broke Essie’s heart to see her closest and dearest friend fall apart. She didn’t know anything had happened when Bella showed up on her doorstep, in tears and nearly hysterical. Essie just guided her shattered friend to the guest bedroom. Bella crawled into the bed and buried herself among the pillows and downy comforter, crying brokenly. In her confusion, Essie sent a text to both Edward and Garrett. Edward never responded but Garrett called her, explaining that Bella had broken up with them over a video. Say what?

The first thing that Essie thought was kinky.

The second thing was, did Bella not know she was being recorded?

Essie asked for some clarification. According to Garrett, James had somehow snuck into her corporate apartment and set up small surveillance cameras and microphones inside. James had recorded the three of them making love and sent the videos to Bella’s clients in New York City. From the conversation with Garrett, he was upset about what happened and the subsequent fallout, but understood why she did what she did. Edward, however, was inconsolable. Essie said that she’d try to get Bella to see reason. Garrett was resigned to what happened, but he was concerned about his friend. Edward truly loved her.

Carlisle and Essie's House

Guest Bedroom

Alice's Room


Formal Dining Space


Family Room 

Guest Bathroom

Bella's Bedroom

Formal Living Room

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