Monday, December 28, 2015

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Jared drove me to the nursing home. He didn’t say much, but I could tell he was worried about me. I nibbled on my fingernails, my anxiety getting best of me. I was sick to my stomach at seeing my mom being so ill and terrified of Esme’s wrath.

Deep breaths, Masen.

Parking in front of the nursing facility, I handed Jared some cash to pick up my mom some food from a nearby drive-thru. Jared nodded, pulling away and I walked inside. I spoke quietly to the nurse I didn’t care for, Ruth. She was mean and looked at me like I was no better than the dirt underneath her shoes.

That’s because you are, Edward.

Ruth walked back with me to see my mom. She was now in a private room since the other woman, Agnes, had been switched to a ward for more ambulatory patients. I knew that I was paying for this luxury, thanks Esme’s bill she gave me regarding my mother’s care. Ruth grunted, stomping out of the room and I pulled up a chair to my mom’s bedside. She looked like she hadn’t been bathed in days. She wore a nasal cannula, but I could the wheezing with each breath she took. I checked her temperature, feeling her flushed skin. 

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