Friday, December 25, 2015

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The next morning, Bella and I both woke up sore and exhausted. We had spent most of the night making love. Hell, we even fucked a few times. She was a wildcat in the bed, begging for more. We even made plans for the next weekend for us to explore the more carnal aspect of our relationship. Bella had alluded to the fact that she wanted me to take complete control of her, making her submit to me.

I was more than willing to comply since I was usually the submissive in the relationship that I was in with Bitchme, but I lived to be in control of something considering I had no control of anything in my own life. She said that she would make a list of things she wanted to try and I told her that I’d make her fantasy a reality.

However, we had to go back to our own lives. We were just waiting for Rose. She was still with Paul and had not responded to Bella’s numerous texts and phone calls. Our bags were packed and we needed to head to the airfield to catch the private jet back to Seattle. Just as Bella was getting ready to leave without Rose, her best friend breezed in and sang her apologies as she ran to her bedroom to pack. Bella scowled at her Rosalie, barking at her to get her ass in gear.

We left for the airport an hour later, dropping off the rental car and taking a shuttle to the private airfield. Clambering onto the plane, we settled into our seats and took off in no time. As soon as the seatbelt light was turned off, Bella grabbed my hand and led me to the rear of the plane. There was a queen-sized bed back there. “Bella, I don’t think I can …” I chuckled. 

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