Thursday, December 24, 2015

CITF Future-Take Update

You're Having a Baby: CITF Future-Take Update on FicPad

You're Having a Baby: CITF Future-Take Update on AO3

You're Having a Baby: CITF Future-Take Update on FFn

You're Having a Baby: CITF Future-Take Update on TWCS

“Momma, do you think Aunt Leah is going to have a boy or a girl?” asked Marie. She was looking at the ultrasound photo that her father had given her, trying to make sense of the blurry, grainy image in front of her.

“I don’t care what Aunt Leah has, just so long as the baby is healthy,” Bella replied, crouching down in front of her oldest daughter. The rest of the family were working on dismantling the barbeque from Emmett’s promotion and Edward and Bella’s good news. After they were done, Amelia and Marie were going home with Nana and Papa for some grandparent spoiling while Edward and Bella celebrated their anniversary and newest addition. “What do you want, sweetheart?”

“A boy,” Marie nodded. “Daddy is surrounded by too many girls.”

“And this is a bad thing?” Edward scoffed, rolling the grill back into the firehouse’s garage. “I have three of the most beautiful girls as my dates, permanently!” He scooped up Amelia, kissing her cheeks. She squealed, squirming in his arms.

“Daddy! That tickles!” Amelia said, blowing a raspberry on his nose. Edward barked out a laugh, setting down his youngest daughter onto the ground. She tore off, hiding behind her mother, Edward’s wife for ten years and peaking behind her legs.

Leah Clearwater was Bella’s stepsister and surrogate mother to Amelia and the newest addition growing in her belly. In an act of devotion and love, Leah offered her womb to Bella and Edward when they wanted to grow their family. Bella had suffered from a difficult pregnancy with Marie, aggravated from a messy miscarriage due to her ex-boyfriend who had used her as a punching bag. As a result, Bella had a hysterectomy to save her life. Obviously, her life was spared but her body had paid the unbearable price. She could never bare children, naturally, again.

Amelia Grace Cullen was born happy and healthy. Now, through the grace of God, Leah was expecting again. Bella’s fertilized eggs were implanted into Leah and hopefully, another happy and healthy baby would be born. Secretly, Bella hoped that it was a boy. Edward took all of the pink and frilliness in stride, but she knew her husband would adore to have a mini-me to share that father/son bond. Marie was a total daddy’s girl and Amelia was attached to Bella, but it wasn’t the same as the bond that Emmett shared with his little boy, Tristan. 

Baby Cullen #3

Marie Cullen

Amelia Cullen (minus the glasses)

Leah Clearwater


Circus Themed Nursery

Circus Themed Baby Shower

The Ring

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