Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Caught in the Flames Future-Take Teaser

“Hmmm, it has been way too long since we’ve made love.”

“You’re telling me, my sweet girl,” Edward said, his hands running up and down her back. “Now, there’s a huge Jacuzzi tub that I want to take full advantage of while we’re here. In a matter of a couple of months, our lives are going to change with the birth of our third little miracle. I want get as much time with you as possible.”

“Are you going to take a leave like you did with Amelia?” Bella asked as she got off Edward’s lap. He got up, walking them to the bathtub, which was also bathed in a romantic glow from various candles. He started the water while Bella removed her garters and thong. “Edward?”

“I’ve put in for the time, but it may not be as long as the time I had off with Amelia,” Edward replied. “Probably three weeks at most. However, I won’t be working the ER until our newest addition is at least a year. So, I’ll just be maintaining office hours and the occasional admit to the hospital. Bankers hours, essentially.” He tested the water, smiling and offering his hand to Bella. They got into the tub, snuggling in the warm, bubbling water. “What about you? What about the graphic design business with Peter?”

“He’s more than willing to take over while I’m on maternity leave,” Bella said, spinning Edward’s wedding band. “Now, what about the nursery? We have to choose a theme, Edward.”

“It would be so much easier if we knew the gender,” Edward teased. “Leah still has the results.”

“I want it to be a surprise, Edward Anthony,” Bella chided. “So, we have to go gender neutral. Circus, zoo or farm?”

“Alice did the jungle/zoo theme. We live in the city and the mere idea of a farm freaks me out,” Edward snickered. “Let’s go with the circus theme. No clowns, though. They’re creepy.”

“Agreed,” Bella laughed.

They stayed in the tub until they were wrinkled. They also planned out the baby’s nursery and making a list of everything they needed. After their bath, they clambered into bed, making love quietly and reverently before falling asleep in a tangle of limbs and post-coital bliss. 

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