Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Restoration Update

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“Edward! I have food for you,” Garrett called as he carried in some dinner from Chipotle. “And we have a job! A restoration project in some condo complex.” Garrett didn’t hear anything and he walked into Edward’s bedroom. His best friend was still in his king-sized bed, holding the tiny golden bracelet to his chest. He was curled up in a fetal position, his heart shattered. “Edward Anthony Masen, you get your pasty ass out of that bed and come eat,” Garrett grumbled, pulling on Edward’s arm.

“I’m not hungry,” he answered, his voice dead.

“Look, you jerk. I know you’re hurting, but I got a phone call from an interior designer about this amazing condo off of Seaview. It’s overlooking Puget Sound and would an amazing opportunity for us,” Garrett said. “I need you to help me. Get you smelly ass out of bed and come eat. We can talk logistics after that.”

“First it’s pasty ass and now it’s smelly ass?” Edward questioned, turning away from him. “Regardless, I want to stay in here. What’s the point?”

Garrett grumbled, stomping to the bathroom and turning on the shower. He stomped back to Edward and slung him over his shoulder. Edward squirmed as Garrett carried him to the bathroom, unceremoniously dumping him into the tub, clothes and all. Edward shrieked as the cold water hit his body. “The point is you need to get up and get back in life,” Garrett growled. “You’ve got ten minutes to clean up. Capische?” Edward scowled at Garrett, hating him at the moment. He removed his wet clothes and warmed up the water, scrubbing his sore body. 

Edward's apartment

Edward's bedroom

Seaview Condo Before

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