Friday, December 11, 2015

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The wedding reception for Jacob and Seth was one that I will not soon forget. The dancing and music were amazing. Edward shocked me with his smooth moves and sexy smiles. I was even shocked when Edward somehow managed to get my dad on the dance floor. My father moved stiffly to the Electric Slide, but I could tell that he was having fun.

Around ten, they did the ‘bouquet’ and ‘garter’ toss. However, it was more like two bouquet tosses since Jacob was not wearing a dress. Though, if he had had his choice, he’d be wearing a classic Vera Wang gown. He did not like his white tuxedo, but it looked wonderful on him. Paul caught Seth’s bouquet while Jacob’s bouquet landed in my arms. I tossed it to Rose, scurrying off the dance floor.

It would be a long time, if EVER, if I cross the bridge to get married again. 

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