Sunday, December 13, 2015

Under Construction Update

TWCS is down at the moment, but once the site gets back up, I'll post the update link for that. I appreciate your patience! Hugs to all of you!

Under Construction Chapter 19 Update on FicPad

Under Construction Chapter 19 Update on AO3

Under Construction Chapter 19 Update on FFn

After celebrating New Year’s Eve in Times Square, they made love together until the sun came up, sleeping the day away. The following day, Bella rode with them to the airport, upset that their time in New York City had come to an end. But, she had a job to finish. After a tearful goodbye, Bella got back into the car and rode back to the city. Aro, however, sent her a text.

Come to my apartment, Isabella. There’s been a development ~ Aro

Bella frowned, telling her driver to go to Central Park West and not her corporate apartment. The driver gave Bella his phone number and he drove off. She walked into the lavish lobby, smiling at the security guard. He waved her up to the penthouse explaining that Aro was expecting her. Riding up the elevator, she arrived at the penthouse. Aro and Sofia were waiting for her, hugging her close. 
“How was your Christmas, Isabella?” Sofia asked, her Italian accent thick and beautiful.

“It was very nice. I enjoyed having some time off,” Bella smiled.

“Do you want something to drink? Some wine? Coffee?” Sofia asked.

“No, thank you,” Bella replied. Sofia nodded, kissing her husband and ducking into the kitchen. She turned to Aro, her brows furrowed. “Is everything okay?”

“Not really, Bella. Come with me to my office,” Aro said, guiding her to the opulent office overlooking Central Park. He closed the door and poured himself a glass of scotch. “I got a very disturbing phone call this morning, Bella. Carmen D’Amato was ranting and raving about you. She said that she didn’t want some deviant like you handling her son’s case and calling you every horrible name in the book.”

“What? Why would she say that?” Bella asked, her heart falling to her feet. “I don’t understand, Aro.”

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