Sunday, November 29, 2015

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James was angry. So angry. Everything he had worked for had disintegrated over the past three years. First, he met Victoria on a business trip to New York City. She worked for another advertising firm, trying to get a deal for her company. James, ever the charmer, got the deal and managed to land dinner with Victoria. They flirted, teased and eventually made out. In the back of his mind, he felt guilty about what he was doing to his wife, but Victoria’s red lips felt perfect against his mouth. That first trip, all they did was kiss.

The second trip, they fucked. James finally felt he’d met his match. Bella was a good wife, but she was too demure. Too perfect. And never home. When James slammed into Victoria, he was lost to her. Her pussy was tight, wet and willing. Each following trip to New York, James and Victoria fucked. He loved it.

That all changed, though, when Victoria called him at his Chicago office. She was hysterical, explaining that she was pregnant. Four months pregnant. With James’ baby. He knew that he couldn’t abandon his mistress. He loved Victoria.

With Bella, it never could be anything more. Yes, they were married, but their relationship was distant. It was James’ fault. He turned away from her when she told him of her medical issues and unlikely chance that they would ever get pregnant. He stayed faithful, until he met Victoria. Now? She was the mother of his child.

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