Monday, November 30, 2015

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I woke up early the next morning. I finished packing for our extended weekend for Jacob and Seth’s wedding. My choices were a combination of sexy and sweet. I spent a lot of money at La Perla to enhance my lingerie wardrobe. Edward and I had been keeping our physical aspect of our relationship relatively PG-13, but he had alluded to wanting to explore more while we were away in California.

My cell phone chirped as I was putting my shoes into my luggage. Esme had sent me an email, telling me that Edward was on his way and to remind me of her rules while Edward was out of Seattle. My response was terse, saying that I wasn’t on her payroll. What Edward and I do during my time is our business. Also, the time constraints she put on our return was complete crap.

What if we get delayed? Ever hear of fog?

She needed to back off. Yes, she was Edward’s ‘boss,’ but she was a control freak.

Fucking bitch. 

Edward's birthday bouquet to Bella

Charlie's Private Jet

King County International Airport

Villa in Sonoma

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