Wednesday, November 25, 2015

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Under Construction Chapter Fourteen Update on FFn

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“So, when do you want to fly out to visit Bella?” Garrett asked. “Do you want to leave on Christmas Eve, coming back on New Year’s Day or extend our visit?” He was standing in the Cope’s home, looking at flights in the kitchen.

“Shouldn’t you be building something?” Edward asked, waiting on hold with the city to bitch at them regarding some nonexistent permit issue.

“I can’t,” Garrett shrugged. “Construction is on hold until you get the permit issue resolved. We could be out getting supplies for the master bathroom, but I’m afraid to buy anything with Mrs. Cope’s indecisiveness. She gave us the thumbs up for the grey tile, white cabinets and quartz countertops, but she may want travertine, marble and dark wood tomorrow. That woman is going to send us into the poor house with her constant changing.”

“No more after this,” Edward said. “If she wants something else remodeled, we’ll give her name to another contractor. Liam and his crew are just as good as us.”

“Or, we could do it, but not be the project managers,” Garrett suggested. “Daniel has been asking for more responsibility. I think he’s very capable to do it. Obviously, we’d have to okay any plans, but he could run the sites.”

“We do need to promote a few …” Edward trailed off, but someone picked up the line. “Hello, my name is Edward Masen and I submitted several permits for a location on Mercer Island. A building inspector came by and said that there were a few issues. My permits were approved, but the inspector put a stop to our work.” Edward listened as the woman looked up the information after he provided the address and his contact information. “Okay, great. So, he was misinformed? Right, he went to the wrong address. We’re okay. Thank you for clearing that up. I appreciate it.” Edward ended the call. “The guy was at the wrong house.”

Edward and Garrett's Apartment Complex

Edward's Apartment

Garrett's Apartment

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