Monday, November 23, 2015

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Esme drove us to the dilapidated nursing home on the outskirts of Seattle. It was a county facility that barely took care of my mother’s needs. However, Esme found it and managed to get her into the facility. It smelled like urine and feces as soon as you walked in. The residents were abused almost daily by the caregivers. I’d seen more bruises on my mother than I care to admit. There was even a time when she was restrained in her bed, wearing a filthy adult diaper and covered with bedsores.

I raised holy hell over that.

The administrator that was in charge during that time was fired and it got better for a few months with a new leader, but they left and someone else, who didn’t care about these people, let the old ways return. Things were mildly better now, but it was still not the place I would have chosen for my mother.

When you’re fourteen and your life implodes, you have very little in the way of choices.

“Can we stop at McDonald’s and pick up a Happy Meal for her?” I asked.

“Do you have money?” Esme sneered.

I checked my wallet, seeing another huge tip from Bella. “I do,” I replied. I took out a twenty, putting my wallet back into my pocket before Esme saw how much I truly had.

“The third richest women in the world only tipped you a twenty?” Esme scoffed. “What a miser! You must have really been disappointing if that’s all she gave you. Do I need to call her and ask for a progress report?”

“No, you won’t. She gave me a hundred bucks,” I said.

Elizabeth Masen in better days

Elizabeth Masen in her current state

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