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“Thank you, Emperor,” said Governor Ru’bio, the son of Governor Ru’bia, from the city of Fl’aag. “We appreciate the additional desalinization units for the hydroponic gardens.”

“The gardens have produced so many fresh fruit and vegetables for the desert regions surrounding Fl’aag. Plus, your researchers have helped the Federation fine-tune their hydroponic techniques, as well,” I smiled, shaking Governor Ru’bio’s hand. “How is your father?”

“He’s the same,” Ru’bio frowned. “His illness is not improving, but not getting any worse, either.”

“Let him know that Empress Nirabelle and I are thinking about him,” I said, putting a hand on Ru’bio’s shoulder. “Your father was a wonderful man. Ygrin’ne syndrome is a cruel and horrific disease.” Ygrin’ne syndrome was a crippling, debilitating syndrome that attacked a Cygnarian’s mind. It was similar to Alzheimer’s from years ago on Earth, but it was faster moving and also impacted the victim’s motor functions as well. Within a year of his diagnosis, Ru’bia was confined to a wheelchair and barely able to say a few words. Even with the most advanced medicine of the Federation, there was absolutely nothing we could do to help him or any other sufferers of Ygrin’ne syndrome. Rose was working with Kunnan and the doctors on Forx to figure out a cure, or at least a viable treatment.

However, it didn’t seem promising. The genetic coding for the syndrome was very complex and wouldn’t respond to any standard treatments. They were exploring some not-so-standard options.

“Thank you again, Emperor,” Governor Ru’bio smiled, getting up from the seat across from me. I nodded and watched as he left. I got up from my desk, walking to the window. I ran my hand through my thick hair, still bronze-colored hair. I was almost fifty-six but didn’t look a day over thirty. The medication that Kunnan gave me once a month worked wonders. I was stronger than before, in the best shape of my life. I rarely got sick and when I did, I recuperated quickly thanks to the injection and my carbon-infused bones.

It was bittersweet, though. I was seemingly ageless while my parents were growing older, as were my friends and fellow colleagues. The three comforts were knowing that my sister was also receiving the same injections as me, my beautiful and wonderful children whom I loved and that I was able to spend my life with my mate, my one and only love, Nirabelle.

My Bella.

My sweet Fíorghrá.

Ch'ichean Sea



New Throne Room

New Palace Dining Room

Edward and Bella's Imperial Suite

Imperial Bedroom

Imperial Cottage

Imperial Bathroom

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