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“Thank you, Ms. Swan,” Carmen D’Amato said, hugging Bella tightly. “I have no doubt that with your help, we can get Alec’s birth parents’ rights removed. They caused so much damage to my little boy. I hate seeing him so empty.”

Bella watched as the boy played robotically in the firm’s play room. He was still heavily medicated, but was recovering, slowly from his traumatic ordeal of meeting Felix. Upon seeing a picture of Felix and a photo of his birth father, Bella understood why the boy was upset. They were nearly identical in every way, except the eyes. Felix had dark brown eyes while Alec’s birth father, Sean, had bright green eyes. Sean, though, looked evil, dark and mean, a monster among men.

“With a mother like you, Mrs. D’Amato, Alec will grow and thrive to be the man he was supposed to be,” Bella whispered. “And call me Bella. We have a long journey and such formalities aren’t needed.”

“Only if you call me Carmen,” she replied, hugging her new attorney. “I’m sorry that my husband couldn’t make it back from his business trip. There was an awful snowstorm that canceled his flight.”

“It’s no problem. I wanted to make sure that Alec was okay with me helping him out. Our physical similarities worked in our favor,” Bella quipped. 


Carmen D'Amato


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