Sunday, November 15, 2015

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She brushed her lips with his before turning to Edward, giving him the same sweet kiss. Garrett’s mouth came in contact with her neck, nibbling softly on her tender skin. Bella was sandwiched between both of her men, feeling the heat from their bodies. She moaned as she slid her fingers underneath Edward’s long-sleeved t-shirt, pulling it up and over his head. Bella ran her hand along Edward’s tattoo while Garrett cupped her breasts through her shirt. Pulling away from Edward, she twisted and kissed Garrett, his tongue sliding through her sweet lips. Edward inched Bella’s shirt up until she broke away from Garrett. He tossed it off her body and his lips found her shoulder, pressing biting kisses to her skin.

Bella was wearing another one of her sexy panty sets. This one was a sheer periwinkle with black embroidery on it. Garrett growled lowly. “I know what I’m getting you for Christmas, pretty girl. More stuff like this.”

“I match,” she smiled, getting up and shimmying out of her tight black jeans. Her panties were the same material as her bra, leaving little to imagination. “Come on, boys. I’m almost naked here.” Garrett tore his shirt from his body and eased his jeans over his hips. Again, he was commando underneath. “Do you not own any underwear?” she teased, her fingers moving to his cock and squeezing gently.

“He probably needs to do laundry,” Edward snickered, removing his own jeans and revealing his tight boxer briefs. 

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