Friday, November 13, 2015

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Esme released me from my torture chamber mid-day on Friday. The first thing I did was scour my body. I felt so used and abused. My wrists and ankles were swollen from their bindings. I was starving, but I had to feel clean again. Unlikely, Edward. You’ll always feel dirty after what Esme does to you. The scalding hot shower helped my stiff, sore muscles and the thorough scrubbing I did of my skin made me feel slightly better. But, the memories of the past few days were on replay in my mind.

It would be a long time before I was truly okay. Being forced to …

Don’t think about it. Just, don’t.

Dressing in some comfortable clothes, I checked to see if Esme was around. Her office was closed and the chamber was locked. She was downstairs at Buying Love. I finagled the wooden plank off under my bed and found my throwaway phone. I plugged it in, turning it on. I sent Bella a text, apologizing for not calling her sooner. I alluded to my difficulties and putting her mind at ease about not wanting her.

Why would she want you? Esme’s voice sneered at me. I allowed a few tears to escape and a moment’s sadness before finishing my response to Bella. Clinging to the phone for a few more moments, I put it back under my bed and lay down to get a nap. 

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