Wednesday, November 11, 2015

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The next day, the three of them went in search of a perfect tree for Bella’s home. After much debate, she decided on a fake tree since her schedule was too erratic to maintain a real one. She found two pre-lit trees, one for the living room and the other for the family room. She certainly had enough ornaments and decorations to make both of them festive. The tree in the living room was going to be decorated in all white, with white lights. That was the tree that James wanted when they were married; all white decorations and white lights. Bella liked it, found it to be elegant and wanted to use it. The tree in the family room had more fun, family-oriented Christmas d├ęcor. It was all from her childhood home from her deceased father.

“You were such a cute little girl,” Garrett said, has he held up an ornament with Bella, minus her two front teeth. “Nice pigtails.”

“If you’re lucky, I’ll wear them again,” Bella snorted, putting up large glass balls all around her tree. “Handlebars.”

“I personally like the brace-face picture,” Edward laughed, holding up her sixth grade ornament. 
“Wow, I thought I had it bad with the metal mouth.”

“I still have a damn retainer,” Bella grumped. “I begged my parents to not put me into head gear. But, my teeth were fucked up. If you notice, I rarely smiled with my teeth showing after that toothless shot. I had more teeth and not enough mouth. It sucked.”

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