Monday, November 9, 2015

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“Hey, Edward,” said my usual driver, Jared. He was an older gentleman with kind hazel eyes. He reminded me, a bit, of my father. I liked him and he looked out for me. “How was your date last night?”

I smiled, blushing. “It was amazing,” I replied. “The woman I escorted was beautiful, funny, sexy and perfect.”

“If I knew better, you sounded like a guy in love,” Jared snickered. I rolled my eyes. “I’m happy for you. I know that Esme works you like a dog. You deserve to have a good time every so often. However, with all of the work, you could open your own business.”

I wrinkled my nose, knowing that I got only a small percentage of what Esme charged for my company. The date I had with Bella cost $5,000. Of that money, $3,500 went to pay for my debt. Another $800 went toward my rent in her condo which included food, cable, water, garbage and electricity and the final $700 paid for her care. Esme generously let me keep my tips. Most women gave me small tips, less than a $100. With those tips, I had to pay Jared and for my clothes to be laundered. It usually left me with very little in the way of spending money. Not that it mattered, I didn’t need to spend any money. The only thing I’d spend money on would be for her; to find a cure for her illness. 

Esme's Condo

Edward's 'Bedroom'

Basic ideas of Esme's chamber


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