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“J’ran, why does this s’likoya oil burn my skin?” I asked as he rubbed the stuff into my shoulders. “It is most unpleasant.”

“It purifies the soul, Emperor,” J’ran replied. “It cleanses your body and soul before the H’aaruune. Didn’t D’Metri do this for you when you had the funeral rite for N’essie?”

“He did and it hurt then, too,” I grumbled, trying not to touch my flaming skin. “I feel like my skin is about to boil off.”

“It shouldn’t hurt that much,” J’ran frowned. “Perhaps the oil is reacting to something in your skin? Human flesh is much softer than Cygnarian.”

I shot him a glare. “Thanks for reminding me that I’m fragile, J’ran,” I deadpanned. “My lifespan is too short, my skin too soft and my body reacts to em’tuuk gas in a way that is not normal. It turned my bones into Swiss cheese, making them easier to break.”

“Emperor,” J’ran began.

“I thought I told you to call me Edward,” I chided, giving J’ran a wry grin.

“Sorry. Edward,” J’ran snorted. “You are not fragile. Quite the opposite. You have the heart of a warrior, fighting for all Cygnarians. Knowing what you were going through during the battle, you have proven to me and to all of our people that you are so strong. We may have longer lives and tougher skin, but your mind, body and heart are stronger than anyone that I have ever met. Emperor Charel included.”

“Thank you,” I whispered, twisting my ring on my finger.

“And we know that Kunnan is giving you an injection to extend your lifespan and you have carbon-infused bones, thanks to the revolutionary technique of your doctor,” J’ran explained. “Now, for your skin? I think I’m going to find a diluted bottle of s’likoya oil. I can see how this is impacting you. You are getting some sort of rash.”

“Have Kunnan come and check me out, please?” I asked. “It’s really uncomfortable.” J’ran nodded, contacting Kunnan.

I had yet to hire a new envoy. J’ran was helping me in matters of state. D’Metri had a younger brother, Qui’lle, who wanted to fill D’Metri’s role as envoy, but he was still too young. He was barely thirteen years old. Qu’ille was smart, but he needed to finish his schooling before taking his place in the palace.

Kunnan did come in a short time later, diagnosing me with a pretty substantial allergic reaction to the s’likoya oil. I was scrubbed clean and had an antihistamine injected into my blood stream. The rash on my pale skin dissipated, but it still burned slightly. Unfortunately, my soul still needed to be cleansed, but it would have to be done with another ointment. It wasn’t as harsh as it was used for children who had to go through the H’aaruune if they lost a parent. The pryenne oil was more pungent than the s’likoya oil, but it didn’t irritate my skin. Though, I felt like I was dipped in a vat of onion rings. The pryenne oil was disgusting and looked like orange sludge. S’likoya oil was more fragrant, but obviously not a viable choice since it was reacting with my body in a negative manner.

S’likoya oil

Pryenne oil

Edward's Seattle Apartment


Galaxy Fleet Headquarters

Hoh Rainforest

Rainforest Citrus


Bella's Reception Dress

Bella's Ring

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