Sunday, October 25, 2015

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The next month or so, Bella dove headlong into that custody dispute. Edward and Garrett spent time with her, together and individually. The case, however, really brought Bella down. It was a mudslinging match of the highest degree. She wanted it to be over because the mother was a bitch and the father was not much better, but he was a more appropriate parent than his ex. Bella wanted the custody dispute handled by Thanksgiving. With her tireless working and bitching to the private detectives, it may just happen. With a court date set for Wednesday, Bella pulled out the big guns and showed the ex-girlfriend pummeling the crap out of her kids, doing drugs and driving under the influence. The judge had no choice but grant sole custody to the father.

Bella congratulated him and waited long enough for father and son to reunite before she left for home, anxious to celebrate Thanksgiving with her men. Edward didn’t want to go visit his dad since his new wife flirted with him a little too much. Garrett said he’d rather spend his time with his pretty girl. Once back at her house, Bella changed into a pair of jeans and loose, maroon top. She sent a text to Edward and Garrett, telling them to come over whenever they wanted. Bella started to work on the preparations for their Thanksgiving feast, cutting the ingredients for the stuffing and making her father’s favorite, spiced peaches.

At five, Edward and Garrett barreled into Bella’s house. “The Cope renovation is done!” Garrett sang, holding his hands up above his head. “We cashed our final check and we left that house for last time.”

“Though, she did ask if we could renovate her master suite,” Edward snickered.

“Fuck. No. I need a vacation from that woman,” Garrett grumbled, glaring at his best friend. “We’ve got other jobs lined up that are before hers, damn it.”

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