Sunday, October 25, 2015

Public Service Announcement

Sooooo ...

Yeah, I'm the assistant director of the fall play. We're doing Cinderella. Our performances are getting close. As in, like, the week after next. I wanted to touch base with all of you to inform you about updates during my 'hell week.'

They won't be happening.

I won't get home until after nine at night. I'll barely have enough time to shower and get ready for work for the next day.

I will be updating this week and here's the schedule:

Monday, Oct. 26 ~ Buying Love Chapter Fourteen and Under Construction Teaser (perviness galore!)
Tuesday, Oct. 27 ~ Buying Love Teaser
Wednesday, Oct. 28 ~ Under Construction Chapter Eight
Thursday, Oct. 29 ~ Star Crossed Teaser
Friday, Oct. 30 ~ Buying Love Chapter Fifteen and Under Construction Teaser
Saturday, Oct. 31st ~ Buying Love Teaser
Sunday, Nov. 1st ~ Under Construction Chapter Nine
Monday Nov. 2nd - Sunday Nov. 8th ~ NO UPDATES OR TEASERS
Monday Nov. 9th ~ Posting schedule to resume, like normal.

Clear as mud? Yeah?

Long and short of it, I won't be posting anything during the first week in November. My life is just too hectic. I will try to get some writing in, but we'll see. Thank you, everyone, for reading. I truly appreciate your support in my hobby.


Josie "Tufano79"

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