Friday, October 23, 2015

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When I came to, I was on the couch in my office. Rose was working on my computer, presumably doing my job since I had hyperventilated myself into a state of unconsciousness. I sat up, dizzy and unsteady.

“Stay there, Bells. Don’t try to move,” Rose said as she closed my computer. “You took a nasty header.”

I raised my hand to my forehead, feeling a very apparent bump in the middle of my head. Ouch. I’ll have to stay back here until that goes away. Rose handed me an icepack and some water. I pressed the icepack to my head. “How long have I been out?”

“Long enough that I had to convince your father that you were in an important meeting with some potential clients to have their wedding here,” Rose explained. “It’s almost one in the afternoon. Your dad came in, asking to take you to lunch and I said that you were discussing wedding options with a bride, not to be disturbed.”

“You know my dad is going to expect there to be a wedding, then,” I growled.

“Not if the bride and groom don’t get married because the groom is gay,” Rose snorted. “Are you 
feeling better?”

“Numb, really,” I answered honestly. “I was so stupid to hire Edward.”

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