Wednesday, October 21, 2015

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The week went by quickly and before Bella knew it, Essie was at her office with her daughter, Alice. Bella was going to hang out with Alice while Essie worked with the Cope’s in finalizing the design for their almost-finished kitchen and family room. Thankfully, Bella was finished for the day. She couldn’t do much on her newest case since she needed information from her clients. She was assigned a custody case. A father was trying to get his wife’s visitation rights revoked and filed for sole custody. Bella needed police reports, documentation and proof of the allegations the father was charging his ex-wife with. He said he’d have it by Monday.

That gave Bella the afternoon off to hang out with her goddaughter. Alice had grown up since she last saw her. She was a sophomore in high school and looked more like a college student. Bella treated Alice to lunch, a mini shopping spree at her favorite store in Seattle and then a pedicure. As they were getting a pedicure, Alice spoke up.

“Aunt Bella,” she said, her eyes wide. “Um, do you have two boyfriends?”

I’m going to kill Essie, Bella growled mentally. “Where did you hear that?” Bella asked.

“I overheard Mom talking to you and she said that you’re having a relationship with two men,” Alice said, her face flushing.

“I’m dating two guys, but not at the same time,” Bella said. “Nothing is really exclusive. Aunt Bella is just having some fun. When Uncle James and I broke up … um … talk to your mother.” Bella smiled nervously at Alice before she dug out her cell phone. 

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