Sunday, October 18, 2015

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The next morning was dreary, rainy and cold. Extricating herself from between Edward and Garrett, Bella got up and put on her jogging gear. She wanted to get her exercise done early before the weather got worse. According to her phone, it was supposed to be nasty in the afternoon. She put on a hat, a pair of pants and a tight hoodie, leaving for her five-mile run. As she was running, her phone rang and it was Essie, her long-time best friend and sister from another mister.

“Bells!” she sang Bella picked up. “I was afraid that I’d be disturbing you.”

“I’m running. The boys are sleeping still,” Bella snickered. “I had to work the kinks from yesterday.”

“I’m jealous, Isabella Marie Swan,” Essie laughed. “You have two hot, strapping men who are catering to your every need.”

“You have Carlisle,” Bella reasoned. “You and Carlisle are all sorts of freaky.”

“Yeah,” Essie sighed. “Last night, he …”

“I don’t want to hear it, Esme Platt Cullen,” Bella growled. “I don’t tell you details about my time with Edward and Garrett. I sure as hell don’t want to know the details of your perversion or your latest pleather purchase. How is it that you have such a normal, teenage daughter when you and your husband are sexual deviants?”

“Says the woman who is having a relationship with two men,” Essie deadpanned. “Did you get DP’ed last night?”

“I’m hanging up, Esme,” Bella grumbled. She loved what she did with her boys. She loved feeling both of them inside, penetrating both of her holes, or double penetration, DP.

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