Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Under Construction Update

Under Construction Chapter Four Update on FicPad

Under Construction Chapter Four Update on TWCS

Under Construction Chapter Four Update on AO3

Under Construction Chapter Four Update on FFn

If, perchance, this story gets pulled from FFn because of their obsessive need to censor writers, the story will remain on FicPad, TWCS and AO3. Unedited and in all of its smutty goodness. 

“Take off your dress,” Garrett said, his lips finding Bella’s neck. “I want to see your naked fucking body on the counter. I want lick your fucking pussy until you scream, Isabella.”

She bit her lip, tossing her jacket off and lifting her dress off her body. She was standing in the kitchen in nothing but a sheer, lacy wine-colored bra and her heels. Her eyes were dilated with need. Between her legs, glistening on the tops of her thighs, was her abundant arousal.

Edward removed her bra, squeezing her tits as he hungrily kissed her lips. He lifted her onto the countertop, spreading her legs. “Look that, Garrett,” Edward snarled, his hands rubbing her drenched folds. “She’s soaked.” Edward looked up at her, moving his fingers to her lips. “Taste it, Bella.”

She wrapped her fingers around his fingers, moaning at the flavor of her pussy. She leaned back, moving closer to his face. “Fuck me with your tongues,” she whispered, bucking her hips. Edward groaned as he listened to the wanton need in her voice. 

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