Sunday, September 13, 2015

Under Construction Extended Summary

Okay, okay. I couldn't wait until Tuesday to post this. As some of you know, this story was going to be my submission for Fandom 4 Disaster Relief. They changed the due dates, which meant that this story would not be posted until July. Too long to wait, in my opinion. So, I'm going to write something different and begin posting this story in October.

Without further ado ... the extended summary for Under Construction.

Bella Swan, a divorced adoption attorney, is relishing her time with her two hot and attentive boyfriends, Edward Masen and Garrett Keyes. Never in her wildest dreams had she ever considered being with two men, let alone two men who adored her as much as they do. Their relationship is perfection. With all new relationships, they are trying to navigate the ins and outs of being together. Their little bubble of sexual exploration is threatened when Bella is sent to New York City for a high profile adoption proceeding.

With a heavy heart, Bella flies out to New York to meet her new clients, close friends of Aro Volturi, her former boss. Carmen and Eleazar D’Amato are finalizing the adoption of a child that they fostered for almost a year and a half, but dealing with them is easy. Running into her ex-husband is not. He manages to appear everywhere once he found out that Bella was in New York. His new marriage has crumbled and his estranged wife has taken their child, hiding him away from James. His job is hanging by a thread and he now blames Bella for everything.

On a whim, Edward and Garrett fly out to New York to surprise Bella. She loses herself with them, but they had an audience. But, who and to what end? 

Banner by the super talented Mina Rivera!

The story will begin posting on October 4th, 2015. Updates will happen on Sundays and Wednesdays, with teasers on Mondays and Thursdays. The story is pre-written and is twenty chapters long. The final installment of the trilogy, Restoration, will begin posting a week after this story completes. Keep your eyes pealed in a couple of weeks for the FIRST teaser for Under Construction!

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