Friday, September 11, 2015

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“Yes, Dad. I know,” I grumbled. “I have a date! I promise you. I will not come to the opening of Swan Towers unattended.” Maybe I can bring Rosalie. My father didn’t say that the date had to be male.

“You can’t just bring Rosalie, Isabella Marie,” Dad grumped.  Damn it. “Your picture is already splashed on the newspaper gossip section because of your good-for-nothing ex-husband. I told you not to marry that asshole!” Fucker.

Don’t remind me, Charlie. “He’s not my ex yet, Dad,” I muttered. “Riley, the asshole, has yet to sign the divorce paperwork. He thinks he can get more money out of our settlement. Unlikely. He signed a pre-nup.”

“At least you listened to me about that, Isabella Marie. Do I need to send over Carlisle to kick his ass?” Dad snarled. I rolled my eyes. “I will. I got him a new gun for his birthday and I’m certain that Carlisle would love to try it out on Riley’s cheating ass. Use his balls for target practice.”

“Tempting, Charlie,” I deadpanned. “But, if he dies, they will come to me first. I don’t want to go to jail for having my ex-husband assassinated, as nice as that would be. Relax, though. I have a date for the opening. And no, it’s not Rose. I love her, but not in that way.” I shot a look at my best friend. She was filing her nails as she worked on her iPad. “It’s a friend of hers.”

“Well, as long as you have a date, that’s all that matters. We have an image to uphold, Isabella,” Dad said. “Your ex-husband is not helping that image.”

“I know, Dad. You’ve told me about a hundred times,” I sighed, falling back onto my bed in the penthouse of Swan Towers. “Trust me to have an appropriate date for the opening tomorrow night.”

“And get Riley to sign the divorce papers,” Dad said. 

Bella Swan

Rose Hale


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Bella's Library

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Guest Bathroom

Bella's Bathroom

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Guest Bedroom

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