Monday, September 14, 2015

Buying Love Update

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I was staring at the card that Rose had given me. It was a sleek-looking card with black embossed lettering. The website was also sleek-looking. There was nothing mentioned about sex or the fact that these handsome, sharp-looking men were escorts, being paid for their time. There were a few men that piqued my attention, but I kept going back to Edward. There was something about his handsome, crooked smirk and his jade eyes. I prayed he was still available for tomorrow evening. He was who I wanted.

“Staring at the card will not make the phone magically work, Bells,” Rose chuckled from her spot on the couch. “Your dad has this bug up his ass that you need to have a date for this opening. Hell, even have a date for this she-bang. Chuck said that I had to be on the arm of some handsome thing.”

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