Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Renovations Update

Renovations Update Chapter Eighteen on FicPad

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“I hope you’re not done yet, baby,” Garrett said, his hand cupping her still-leaking sex.

She smiled, her lips swollen and her eyes rheumy. Picking her up off Edward’s lap, he pinned her against the wall, his thigh between her legs. He kissed her deeply. Edward watched his friend cup her breasts, teasing her before he moved both of them to the couch. Turning her around, he stroked his cock within her pussy lips. “Your mouth was a tease for my cock, Bella. I wanted your pussy. I want to fuck your pussy until you coat me with your juices, baby.”

“Fuck me,” she growled, wriggling her ass. Garrett smacked her ass hard before he slammed into her. “Ungh!” His hands gripped her hips as he pounded into her. Edward got up, moving for a different vantage point. He didn’t like how rough Garrett was being, but Bella was moaning and into it. He stroked his cock, wanting to get it hard again for her.

“Help Edward out, baby,” Garrett said, his thrusts slowing down. He arched a brow at Edward. He sat up, moving so his cock was in her face. Bella grasped Edward’s hips, taking his entire length inside her mouth. He groaned, grasping her hair in his hands, tangling his fingers into the curly tresses. Her tongue teased him, making him grow hard again. She released him, wrapping her hand around him. “Perfect.” Garrett slid out of Bella’s body and sat down on the couch. “On my lap, Bella, facing me.” She blushed, walking toward Garrett. Edward gently captured her and kissed her sweetly. She leaned against him before straddling Garrett’s hips. They captured gazes, and she slid down his dick. “Don’t move.” 

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