Sunday, August 23, 2015

Renovations Update

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Her hands reached for Edward’s shirt, pulling him forcefully to her. He enfolded her in his arms, grabbing her ass while she hastily worked on the buttons on his shirt. Once he was free of his shirt, Edward easily picked up Bella, carrying her to the nook, and sat down on the window seat. Garrett followed, removing his clothes as he did. Edward stopped kissing her and helped her to her feet. She was panting heavily, her hair disheveled and her arousal leaking down her leg. “Edward …”

“Turn around,” he said quietly with a tone that made Bella shudder. “Garrett, help her with her nightgown.” Garrett smirked, his naked form stalking her like a predator and she was his prey. With a flick of his wrist, one strap fell. Garrett moved her so she was facing Edward. Garrett ran his finger up her arm, across her collarbone and to her breast, teasing her nipple. Bella clenched her legs. “Ah … your orgasms belong to us. Spread your legs apart,” Edward said, leaning back and palming his abundant bulge in his pants.

“More, Edward?” Garrett asked, arching a brow at his friend. Edward smiled, nodding slowly as he stared at Bella. She looked like a sex goddess, her eyes dark with lust and desire. Garrett moved his hand across her chest and flicked the other strap off her shoulder. The sheer top of her nightgown fell to her waist and her tits were on display for them. 

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