Thursday, August 27, 2015

Star Crossed Update

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I sat on my throne, glaring up at the rafter that became N’essie’s final resting place. The throne room, after it had been thoroughly investigated, was now clean. The pirna wood floors were now shining in the mid-morning sun. It all looked too innocent, but what we found in that room will forever be burned into my memory. Even in death, N’essie was terrified. Her yellow eyes were open and her mouth was caught in a silent scream, portraying her absolute fear. They would pay for what they did to her. All of them will feel the fear that she endured for her entire life and that ultimately ended it.

I was so angry. Somehow, N’essie had been transported off the Enterprise and down to the surface, tortured and murdered. On top of that, Counselor Marcusi’s life hung in the balance. Aro and Caius had him abducted from his home, disappearing into thin air.

How did they get off the planet?

How did they get N’essie off the Enterprise without causing the alarms to go off?

How could any of this happen and how did I not know about it?

I clenched my hand into a fist, hissing as the sutures tore at my skin. The pain was nothing. I could withstand this pain. It was a reminder of what I needed to do to protect my people. And I would protect them. In my father’s name, in his honor, I’d save the Cygnarian people. For my mate, I’d fight for our love. For N’essie? I will avenge her death and make her captors suffer the same fate by my own hand. “I promise you,” I growled, looking down at the bandage on my palm. The blade I’d used to cut it was safely around my ankle. 

Bella's H'aaruune gown

Bella's ajur stone circlet

Edward's H'aaruune mourning suit

Edward's mourning circlet

Lanterns for the H'aaruune rite

N'essie's casket

Imperial Burial Ground

Elizabeth Cullen

Ceremonial Blade used for the Blood Oath

Modified Cygnarian Insignia

Renien Ocean 

Imperial Fighter


Imperial Fleet: Cygnarus

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