Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Renovations Update

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“Edward! Garrett! Dinner’s ready!” Bella shouted up the stairs. They blew out a breath and went down to the kitchen only to find it empty. They walked to the dining room, finding Bella in a nude nightie with a matching robe. The top was sheer and her dusty rose nipples were on display. Her hair was sexily tousled in loose curls and her makeup was subtle. Set on the table was a platter filled with beef tenderloin, cheesy potatoes, and broiled asparagus. “Sit! Do either of you want wine?”  She held up two bottles. One was a merlot and the other was white, pinot grigio.

“The merlot,” Edward said, sitting down at one of the table settings. “This smells delicious, Bella.”

“Thank you. It’s really easy. I think even Garrett can do it,” she giggled, opening the wine bottle and attaching some sort of aerator.

“Hey! Don’t tease the guy who can’t cook,” Garrett laughed. “I do pretty damn well, thank you very much.” He sat down across from Edward. Bella was at the head of the table. “But, this has been the best weekend, food-wise. I may just move in, Bella. You can cook for me anytime.”

She blushed, pouring the wine and sitting down. “I’m glad you appreciate my cooking, Garrett. Please, dig in! Both of you,” she smiled, taking a hearty sip of her own merlot. 

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