Sunday, August 16, 2015

Renovations Update

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A few hours later, after a post-coital nap, Bella made them a light breakfast of fresh fruit, yogurt, and some toast. “How do you like your office?” Garrett asked, sipping some coffee.

“It’s different,” Bella replied. “Not in a bad way, but I worked for Aro and Caius for so long, I had grown accustomed to their way of doing things. Marcus, their younger brother, is much more easy-going.”

“How were you able to start practicing law right away in Seattle? I thought you had to take some sort of huge exam,” Garrett questioned.

“The state Bar exam. When I was hired, I took the exams for the states in which Volturi and Volturi had offices. I maintained my Washington license. You never know where you’ll be needed in a firm as large as this one. If there was an adoption case that my boss felt I could handle better in Los Angeles, I would travel there for the duration,” Bella explained.

“Has that happened often?”

“You’d be surprised,” Bella said with a confident smirk. “I’m one of the best in my field. It’s why I had to wait nearly three months before I could move out here. I had to finish my caseload in Chicago before I could make a clean break to come here. It’s how I was able to afford this home and the renovations without having to take out a mortgage.”

“Say what?” Garrett choked.

“I get paid. Very, very well,” Bella chuckled. 

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