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Surviving the Teenage Dream Update: Epilogue

They Lived Happily Ever After: Epilogue Chapter 30 on FicPad


Three months later … Beginning of September

“I can’t believe that Kyra’s engaged,” Rose mused as we waited for a meeting with the movie producers for the final Charmed movie. “She was a baby yesterday and now? She’s getting married? My goddaughter is getting married. Fuck!”

“Language, Rosalie,” I snickered as I flipped through a bridal magazine. Kyra was excited about her engagement, but was more thrilled that Steve was back in the Chicagoland area. He worked incredibly hard, making a name for himself at Kate’s law firm, but his eyes were just for my baby girl. He worshipped the ground she walked on.

“Have they set a date yet?” Rose asked, checking her cell phone.

“Nothing yet. They’re leaning toward New Year’s Eve,” I said.

“Of this year?” Rose shrieked.

“No. Next year. Kyra is still trying to balance work and her own studies. She wants to make sure that their wedding is special and not something thrown together haphazardly. Plus, they’ll get married before Steve turns thirty-one,” I said.

“Wasn’t that how old Edward was when you got married?” Rose asked.

“He was thirty-two,” I countered. “How are things going with Ava and Lucas and their significant others?”

“Lucas broke up with the gold digger,” Rose scoffed. “When he refused to buy her a diamond watch, she threw a fit and he finally saw her materialistic ways. Ava is still bouncing around Europe, reeling from the breakup from hell, blogging about her travels. I think she’s going to come back with a much older, Italian husband.”

“And you’re okay with that?” I snickered.

“I’m fine with it. But, I’m not ready to be called Nana,” she shuddered. “I do not look like a grandma. Neither do you.”

“You don’t act like a grandma, either,” I pointed out.

“Exactly, I still have sex with my husband without the need of Viagra,” she said proudly.

“It helps that Tim’s younger,” I quipped. Rose smiled smugly, waggling her brows. 

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