Monday, July 27, 2015

Caught in the Flames Update

The sounds of Beyonce’s “Halo” filled my ears and everyone stood up as we approached. I could see people from my office, the guys from Edward’s firehouse, Leah and Seth’s mom, Sue, and a few of his classmates from medical school, surprisingly enough. He wasn’t sure if they were coming, but his study group had caravanned to Traverse City. Along with them, Dr. Popper and her husband, along with some of the nurses from the NICU, labor and delivery and the ICU were there, celebrating our nuptials and supporting us in this time of happiness and not grief. As we got closer to the front of the group of people, I closed my eyes and let my emotions flow freely. When I looked up, we were at the altar and it was absolutely gorgeous.

Though, I didn’t care about the altar. I only cared about the radiantly smiling man standing to my right. He was wearing the same tuxedo as my father, but his vest and tie were a gleaming white. He looked so handsome, strong and excited as he stared at me, tears brimming in his evergreen eyes.

“Who gives this woman to this man?” asked the justice of the peace when the music stopped.

“I do,” Charlie whispered, taking my right hand and kissing it before placing it into Edward’s waiting palm. I took a shaky step toward my fiancĂ©, smiling widely as I looked at him. “Take excellent care of her, Edward.”

“I promise, Chief,” Edward murmured, never taking his eyes off me. Edward threaded his fingers with mine as the officiant began the service. 

Honeymoon Suite

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