Sunday, July 26, 2015

Renovations Update

Renovations Chapter 8 Update on FicPad

Renovations Chapter 8 Update on TWCS

Renovations Chapter 8 Update on AO3

Renovations Chapter 8 Update on FFn

If, for whatever reason, this is pulled from FFn, I will not be reposting it on there. You can find the story in its smutty glory on FicPad, TWCS and AO3. I refuse to edit for content. Call me stubborn, but that's the whole purpose of this story. It's a smut-fest. *Snorts* So, just saying ...

Edward wanted to see where this led. With each conversation, each innocent touch, Edward grew more and more attracted to her. He felt a pull toward her, and he wanted this. And the possibility of sharing the experience with his best friend excited him. No, Edward was not gay. But, the opportunity to give a woman so much pleasure made him ache in anticipation.

Garrett gawked at his conservative best friend. Edward had always been the wine and dine guy, making women swoon with his gallant moves and smooth talking. He was great at it. But, he was a monogamous type of guy. The fact he was entertaining the mere notion of Garrett’s wildest dreams boggled his mind. Yes, Garrett had gotten around, but never a threesome. A ménage a trois. In a perfect world, it would be two women, but this was piquing his interest. Bella Swan was a sexy woman who was obviously horny. She was taking the bull by the horns.

Or, in their case, bulls … plural. 

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