Saturday, July 18, 2015

Surviving the Teenage Dream Teaser

“We still can,” she smiled, hugging me awkwardly since her arm was still strapped to her body. “Perhaps, the next time you fly out to Los Angeles with Rose, I can join you. When’s your next trip?”

“Beginning of November,” I answered, a grin on my face. “You can stay at the new house we have in Los Angeles. We’re planning the premier for the next movie, Forever Charmed. In addition, I have to give them the final draft for the second half of Charmed Endings and the first draft for that werewolf movie.”

“You are a Hollywood gem, Bellini,” Alice smirked. “How is it going?”

“Well, the final draft for Charmed Endings is done. Rose is reading it to verify that it holds the integrity of her book, but she loved what I did with the first three movies. I still want her to give me a thumbs up,” I said. “I have that relationship with the author, I may as well use it. The author for the werewolf story is an author from my former publishing company, but they were hired after I quit. I noticed Tia, my former boss’s, fingerprints all over the manuscript. The story was well told with the perfect mix of action, romance, sex and drama.”

“What’s the next story you’re going to attack after the werewolf one?” Alice asked as Gianna dumped her school supplies into the cart.

“Um, I think the circus story next. That one is really romantic and it’s a period piece,” I said wistfully. “I’ve read that story before and I thought it would translate into a movie well.”

“Mom, Owen and I are going to pick up some new boxers, undershirts and socks,” Masen said as he put his school supplies in our cart. “I also want to pick up some workout clothes, too. It’s better to get them here since we’re here.”

“Okay. Send your brother over here before you sneak away, Mase,” I said. He nodded and Owen came over, his arms filled with his school supplies. “I know you and your dad talked about that. Do not sneak off and buy them with your little brother. I don’t want him to get any ideas.”

“Mom,” Owen whined, his eyes wide behind his glasses. “That’s all sorts of weird. Ew!”

“Promise me, Owen,” I growled, pointing at him. He nodded, his face bright red. “Out loud, Owen.”

“I promise, Mom. I swear,” he choked out. “Can I go now?” I nodded, arching a brow as he skulked away, embarrassed at my line of questioning.

“I’m lost,” Alice said. “What are you talking about?”

I led Alice away from Mia and Gianna, who were still looking at the school supplies, figuring out which folder they liked better from the Charmed movie. “Okay, so while we were on vacation in Cabo, Owen asked Edward about condoms.”

“Shut. Up,” Alice hissed. “Owen. My godson, Owen. The clone of my twin brother in all his geeky glory. He asked about condoms? Is he having sex?”

“From what Edward told me, no. Owen couldn’t get through the conversation without turning bright red. He also didn’t know how to please a girl,” I said, smirking slightly. “However, the fact that my oldest son is talking about condoms is freaking me out. He’s thinking about having sex.”

“It could be worse. He could be having sex and knocking up a girl,” Alice muttered, her nose wrinkled. “You are too young to be a grandma.”

“Shit,” I groaned. 

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