Saturday, July 18, 2015

Caught in the Flames Update

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I stayed in the ICU for two days. The spinal took forever to wear off. I couldn’t walk nor feel my legs for an entire day. Some people just have different reactions to the medications and obviously, mine was a bit more severe. When I was able to walk, I was as shaky as a newborn deer. I clung to Edward or my father, who had flown in from Forks to meet his granddaughter, walking on unsteady limbs. Once I was able to walk, I was released to the post-partum floor, right around the corner from the nursery and NICU.

I didn’t stay in my room for very long. I was assessed by Dr. Popper and changed into some loose-fitting clothing. Edward rolled us to the NICU. We washed our hands and Edward put a smock over our clothes before rolling us inside. The incubator that Marie was in was closest to a bank of windows. Esme and Charlie were hovering, watching our daughter. I felt guilty, not seeing her before this. Edward locked my wheelchair and I pushed myself up, hobbling closer.

“Here’s your momma, peanut,” Charlie whispered, his finger rubbing Marie’s belly. “She’s been sick and working like hell to see you.”

“Don’t curse in front of your granddaughter,” I chided, slipping my hands inside of the incubator. Charlie chuckled, his mustache twitching. “Hey, baby. It’s Mommy. I’m …” Tears slid down my cheeks as I broke down. “I’m so happy you’re okay.”

“Every moment she’s getting stronger,” Edward said, his arm supporting me. 


Baby Marie Felicity Cullen

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