Friday, July 17, 2015

Caught in the Flames update

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I was tossed onto a gurney and my dress was removed from my body. I was in so much pain. Dr. Popper was cursing loudly from between my legs and when she stood up, her hands were bloody. “Bella, I’m sorry, but we’re going to have perform an emergency C-section.”

“What? What’s wrong?”

“You are bleeding from your placenta, a placental abruption. If we don’t remove the baby and stop the bleeding you’ll die. Your baby will die,” Dr. Popper whispered, her eyes staring at me.

“How did this happen?” Edward asked, his face pale and drawn. His fingers threaded with mine. I never saw Edward look so scared. “Dr. Popper?”

“My guess is that when you fell, it caused you to go into early labor. The medications stopped it, but the placenta, somehow, is now separated from the fetus. We have to go. Bella, we’re going to put you under,” Dr. Popper said, soothing my hair back. “It’ll be easier on you and the baby.” She closed her eyes, blowing out a breath. “If there are complications, where we can’t stop the bleeding …”

“Do you want to perform a hysterectomy?” I asked, feeling sicker by the minute. Dr. Popper nodded, her lips set in a grim line. 


Marie Felicity Cullen, born on August 2nd, 2015

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